1. Facing uncomfortable things, challenge myself.
2. Inspire others to do uncomfortable things.
3. If you would end up in such a scenario, it is nice that there’s a foundation like Sheltersuit helping you out. No matter where you’re from, no matter what you did. Everyone deserves a warm night.
4. I’ve failed doing this in Berlin a few months ago, now I have to get through this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_7MfB66vZ30

Why I take part of the Sheltersuit Sleepotu Challenge.

I’ve been tagged in a challenge for sleeping outside for a night in Enschede. It’s the Sheltersuit Sleepout Challenge. This has been set up for a foundation. And they need to raise money. I wasn’t a big fan of raising money, but later on I thought that by talking about it is more important than raising the money.

Why I think this challenge is important.
I believe that we people are very stressed usually, about stuff going on in our life, about all these fears. And we’re trying to be as comfortable as possible all the time.
One of the things I’m doing right now is the cold shower challenge.
The reason I’m doing the cold shower challenge is the same as the Sheltersuit Sleepout Challenge. Because it is very uncomfortable. It’s a fear. What if you’re just capable of not doing anything? Feeling worthless? Out of a job? No friends or family? What happens then? You sleep outside, the worst case scenario.
By doing this I’ll figure out how bad this really is.

It creates a kind of certainty/confidence of myself.
Because if I know that whatever I do, I go to a new client for example and I’m scared of that, and I might fail, the bad outcome of that thing isn’t that bad anymore. You’re not instantly becoming homeless.
Which means that you’re showing way more confidence and the probability of succeeding is increasing.

I would recommend other people doing something similar as well. Can be anything from taking a cold shower to sleeping outside or taking 100 days of rejection.
Going for the rejections, the uncomfortable things. I just want to explore these things.

5:19 my sales pitch 😉