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Sheltersuit Sleep Out

Despite all the effort to continue the Sheltersuit Sleep Out 2020, due to the Corona virus, we unfortunately had no choice but to move the Sheltersuit Sleep Out to another date. At the moment we are busy talking to the municipality of Enschede and Enschede Promotion to find a new date.

However, given all the uncertainty surrounding the coronavirus, it is currently extremely difficult to plan a new date for such an event. It is already certain that there will be a new date.

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These artists keep us warm.

Berget Lewis

Iris Hond

Gerard Ekdom

Michiel Veenstra


Get Jealous



Our sleeping heroes!

Sheltersuit Sleep Out 2020

Our dream?

That nobody in the world is cold. That is why we are now looking for solidarity and solidarity for the homeless. During the Sheltersuit Sleep Out we will sleep with as many participants as possible on the Oude Markt in Enschede. One night outdoors. To make a statement. To better understand what it is like. To – with the proceeds – protect homeless people from the cold.


Who are homeless?

In the Netherlands alone, more than 30,000 people were forced to end up on the street. Millions of people worldwide are forced to sleep on the streets. The number is growing by the minute. The most common causes are poverty, psychological problems, sudden loss of work and natural disasters. But of course also wars: more than a million people are currently seeking shelter while fleeing the war in their home country.


What will happen during the Sheltersuit Sleep Out?

Participants bring their own sleeping bag and are sponsored for this cool performance. Everyone can donate and / or visit. We, the city of Enschede and a surprising program keep everyone warm. With music by, among others, Gerard Ekdom, real stories from homeless people and more. The presentation is in the hands of Michiel Veenstra.

Don’t expect a big party but a special event. We look forward to a beautiful, extraordinary evening where we stand with good courage – or rather lie – with the homelessness issue.

What happens with the revenues?

The Sheltersuit Foundation makes the special sleeping bag coats (Sheltersuits!) And ensures proper and fair distribution to homeless people. Making one Sheltersuit normally costs € 300. This includes materials, labour cost and distribution.


What is Sheltersuit?

The Sheltersuit is a water-repellent, wind-resistant and fire-resistant jacket with a zip-on sleeping bag. The suits are made in Enschede by volunteers, former homeless people and former refugees. And also special: Sheltersuits are made entirely from residual materials.

In the meantime Sheltersuits have been distributed in Lesbos, Samos, Sarajevo, Edinburg, London and New York. Check for more info.


More questions?

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