Quite a while ago I went to a TEDx event where I was introduced to Sheltersuit. After their lecture I felt I could and should help them in their objective. After this speech I reached out to them and told them who I am and what my skill set is. This resulted in me helping out with the technical side of the online presence of Shelteruit in my free time for the last 4 years. Now with the Sleep Out I see a unique opportunity to act as an ambassador for Sheltersuit. In my professional life I work for the company Telecats that loyally donates to Sheltersuit every Christmas. This year Telecats has been incorporated by Webhelp, a multinational that has a commitment to social responsibility and a new slogan that is “Think Human”. If that doesn’t sound like a match with Sheltersuit, then I don’t know what does.

In this cold world where homelessness seems to be a growing problem, please help me to give at least 10 people some warmth back.